Here’s How to Find Bloggers in Your Niche

Posted By heemuheem 2 hours 27 minutes ago on Internet Marketing

Years ago, learning how to find bloggers in your niche was mostly of interest to other bloggers…

The idea behind blogger outreach certainly isn’t new. Bloggers have reached out to each other for years in hopes of gaining…

blog comments or a few social shares
some new backlinks
the opportunity to pitch a guest post idea
a participant for his or her next roundup post


3 Most Common Mistakes Young Brands Make With Digital Marketing (Video)

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 4 hours ago on Internet Marketing

It is just when young brands are on the verge of gaining momentum and traction that, sadly, many of them make the mistake of letting their focus wander to the wrong things. Handling client companies and brands, big and small, I have repeatedly come across some common pitfalls that most young brands fall into … […]The post 3 Most Common Mistakes Young Brands Make With Digital Market

Blog Promotionology, The Art & Science of Blog Promotion

Posted By mallton 4 hours ago on Blogging

In this course we will be examining the various tools and techniques used to promote blog articles, and indeed, the entire blog itself, to interested readers using a variety of available mediums.

3 key ways to extract full value from your Digital Marketing!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 6 hours ago on Internet Marketing

Even businesses and brands that assiduously plan their brand strategy and digital marketing often do not understand what “extracting full value” from their Digital Marketing means. What is “extracting full value” in digital? Is it about collecting all the possible metrics of performance of your digital efforts and then mining it for insights you can […]The post 3 key ways to extract full

August 2015 WordPress News, This Month in WP w/ CodeinWP

Posted By ErikEmanuelli 6 hours ago on Blogging

The last month of the summer is behind us. What a pity. But things are still pretty hot in the land of WordPress. At least last month they were.

Granted, August was a bit more calm, but there was still a lot of interesting things happening, and we’re going to talk about them all in this edition of our monthly roundup.

Welcome to This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP – the August 2015 edition.