• Corlina, you have hit the nail. Its absolutely necessary to MAKE time for family as it seems that you won’t automagically “get” time when you work from home.

    Let’s be realistic here – 24 hours could be never enough for someone who works from home since if you work at an office, you strictly have “work-only” hours.

    But when you work from home you get all sorts of household work that demand your attention. Even if you have a schedule, it is impossible to totally avoid all the distraction 100% – this is where flexibility comes into picture.

    Nice topic and good tips! Thanks for publishing the post Harleena!

  • I think the reason that we have an abnormal life work balance when working from home is because we feel like we need to work 24 hours a day in order to keep moving forward to achieve success. I personally schedule work hours every day and after the work hours are over I take care of my other personal things. This helps me effectively maintain my work life balance.

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