• Hey mate,

    Great article. Just to add. Most of the time, bloggers are not aware of the keywords or ideas they could use. There are tons of them. Stop trying to find the best keywords to make money.

    Instead, find the best keywords to rank 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  • This is really an in depth analysis of keyword research. Thankfully for us Google has become much smarter when it come to keywords, and we can only use them intelligently nowadays.

  • I got $50 free Facebook ads and tried it, but had no idea what the results meant or really the choice of ad type meant. Is there any good info somewhere about the meanings of the results and the choice of ad type. I really liked the piece and look forward to more. I have another question. My blogging style is reflective using examples from my life to give advice about what i’ve learned by those experience to help people try to aviod the mistakes I have made. I always try to add a little psychological reasoning at the end and one my friends who Majored in psychology even said I should go into it. Most of these blogging communities do not really have a category for what I write about, do you have any suggestions for me?

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