• Thanks for submitting this Erik! Wonderful post.

    Help people, help people! Of course, Ryan. I totally agree with you that “channels” won’t make money. They’re simply the medium through which we (the helpers, can I say?) use to get our ideas passed on to people who need help. And leveraging on our ideas is a great thing for our business too!

    Coz channels might change or die one day, but I’m sure the ideas won’t go anywhere!

  • I am glad you enjoyed Ryan’s post, Jane!
    It’s how you propose yourself that make the difference.

    A good idea must be developed in order to reach success!

  • I like the idea of never relying on one channel for an income. I’ve been following this idea for a long time now. For as long as I can remember I always had multiple sources generating income. Each source of income brings a certain amount of money and together everything adds up to a nice chunk of money. If one source dries up, it doesn’t really matter as I’ve got other sources to sustain myself and I can quickly replace the dried up source if I want to. I think this is the best way to live. I can’t imagine just having one job and solely relying on it as a source of income, I would definitely be scared of that.

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