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Jane Sheeba

I am Jane, the owner of DoSplash, a community based social site that helps bloggers promote and connect. I do online business since 2007 and I have a few successful online businesses that earn me full time income. Don't forget to check out my other websites: Jane Sheeba and Best Hosting And Design.

5 Creative Ways to Market Your Business

By Jane Sheeba / December 17, 2018

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges for businesses. Unless you’re a small business or startup, you may have a big marketing budget. Otherwise, there are some creative ways you can market your business while sticking to a budget. Guerilla Marketing One way is to think big when it comes to your marketing plan. Guerilla […]

Top reasons why people love reading magazines digitally

By Jane Sheeba / October 15, 2018

Digital reading has seen an enormous growth over the years as digital magazines have managed to hook the readers with exciting add-ons. While the primary reason for many people preferring digital magazines over printed copies is that they are easily accessible, there are several more benefits in reading digitally. One might ask “Are the readers […]

Social media trends in 2018: Live streaming dominates the social media landscape

By Jane Sheeba / September 24, 2018

When live videos came to the internet with an app called You Now, the feature became massively popular, and encouraged most of the social media platforms to integrate something like that. As a result, the era of 2015-2016 saw Twitter introducing Periscope, Facebook adding ‘Live’ features, and ‘YouTube Live’ coming into existence. By 2018, every other […]

Top Websites To Prepare and Pass The HESI A2 Exam

By Jane Sheeba / June 15, 2018

HESI, Health Education Systems Incorporated, is a US-based company that comes up with exams along with other materials to study. The tests prepare the nurses who are the students for cleaqring the exam of professional license. The schools mostly use this test for helping in the prediction of success of the students with other tests […]

Content syndication: All you need to know as a blogger

By Jane Sheeba / May 30, 2018

Do you love blogging? Then you must have the idea how difficult it is to maintain a blog. It’s not only about writing something that you may like, it involves a lot of dedication, research, editing and of course, quality writing. As you should know blogging is a daily thing, but with all the daily […]

Does content syndication help with blog traffic and SEO?

By Jane Sheeba / May 23, 2018

Blogging has become the very trend of the generation. From writing about personal experiences, to presenting something that is informational or as a means to earn money, blogging is something that most people take to at some phase of their life. With the growing trend, the market for the bloggers is becoming more and more […]

10 Crazy ideas to help you make money

By Jane Sheeba / May 9, 2018

Let us be blatantly honest here. We all want to earn money. Money gives us comfort, time and freedom to enjoy other activities. Although money seems hard to earn, there always have existed methods through which you can earn loads of money within a short period of time. Now, I am not talking about unethical […]

10 Textbook Strategies for Social Media in Higher Education

By Jane Sheeba / May 2, 2018

From the usage of computers firmly restricted to college staff for humble accounting and data entering purposes to the influx of social media in every classroom, higher education strategies have made a full 360° turn regarding the ways social media is now the driving force for university students and professors alike. The way universities have […]

Is it possible to make a full time income from blogging?

By Jane Sheeba / April 25, 2018

Somewhere in the midst of 2005, when blogging was relatively new in the awareness of the masses, people used it solely for expressing their thoughts and opinions. The idea of making sporadic income (let alone full time) exclusively from blogging seemed a distant reality in the early 2000s. But things started to escalate dramatically ever […]

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