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Jane Sheeba

I am Jane. I do online business since 2007 and I have a few successful online businesses that earn me full time income. Don't forget to check out my other websites: Jane Sheeba and Banking Minutes.

Dasara Movie Review: Raw & Rustic, Nani Unleashed, Emotional Drama

By Jane Sheeba / March 31, 2023

It has been quite a while since Nani’s Adade Sundara. It has been quite a while since Dasara was announced. Nani took it to his full with Dasara not only with acting but also with the promotions. Right from the release of the posters, to teaser, and working stills, it kindled curiosity among the audience […]

Small Space Living: Decorating Tips for Apartments

By Jane Sheeba / March 28, 2023

As someone who knows their way around an apartment, I’ve learned that living in a small space comes with its fair share of challenges. But over time, I’ve discovered that with some smart decorating choices, even the tiniest of apartments can feel spacious and inviting. In this article, I’ll share my personal tips, hacks, and […]

How to Create A Blog Content Strategy In Just 5 Steps?

By Jane Sheeba / March 15, 2023

In today’s world, content is king. Whether you are a blogger, business owner, or marketer, creating a solid content strategy is critical for success. With so many blogs and websites vying for attention online, it’s important to develop a unique approach that will capture your audience’s attention and keep them coming back for more. In […]

How Different Types of School Competitions Prepare Students for the HSC?

By Jane Sheeba / October 27, 2022

Preparing for higher education is an inevitable step in a student’s life, encouraging themto chart out plans for their future by focusing on specific areas of interest. Academicassessments and competitions can play a vital role in this preparation, enablingstudents to understand their current abilities and know which areas need improvement. Consider a reputable and sought-after […]

4 Tips for Finding the Right Accommodation for Students in Melbourne

By Jane Sheeba / October 27, 2022

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, Australia, and one of the most populated cities inOceania. Students decide to come here to study because of its manifold benefits,such as a lively arts and culture scene, people from different backgrounds, and first-rate educational establishments. Some famous universities include the University ofMelbourne, Monash University, and RMIT University. If […]

Benefits of Using a Digital Branding Company

By Jane Sheeba / March 11, 2022

Businesses today are realizing the importance of reaching a wider audience across differentgeographical locations. A business with a wider reach will definitely record more patronage and thisexplains why businesses are employing different methods to reach customers that are beyond theirimmediate geographical location. One of the viable tools that can help businesses reach a wider audience […]

National Floors Direct: Questions to Ask When Choosing New Flooring

By Jane Sheeba / January 22, 2022

When it comes time to select new flooring for your home or commercial building, you have quite a few different options to choose from. Before you select flooring and flooring options, it’s a good idea to take your time and address a number of important questions. In order to help you choose the best flooring […]

How to Keep your Hot Tub in the Best Condition?

By Jane Sheeba / September 7, 2021

Everyone experiences a stressful day once in a while. Coming home after such a day to unwind can become a lifesaver on some of those days. Have you ever heard someone say, “I had a rough day at the office today?”. All I need is a hot water bath?” Yes, having some hot water bubble […]

Residential And Commercial Paving

By Jane Sheeba / January 22, 2021

Are you thinking of making your driveway better? If yes, asphalt paving is the right thing for you. There are different materials for paving your entrance, and they all have various advantages. Improving your residential or commercial driveway path will give your property a better overall look. You can do many things to improve the […]

Basic Advice for A Leaking Roof Emergency Situation

By Jane Sheeba / December 23, 2020

No one would ever wish to be put in a situation of an emergency, let alone a leak in their roof. The most precious item in all of your house, that keeps you safe from elements and harm, is this and when things don’t look so good for it, it’s time to get that fixed […]

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