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The Power of B-List Blogging Connections

Posted By uttoransen on Blogging

There is no harm in making A-list connections; rather you should focus on making these connections actively. But do remember that an A-list influencer or a blogger is always busy and their time is limited. You have to work really hard to make these connections and expect very little in return.

Now, coming back to the B-List, this is where you should invest the bulk of your time. The B-listers

A New Cloud Threat for 2015: The Man in the Cloud Attack

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Technology

The ability to share files and access applications across devices and borders has quite literally revolutionized the way employees collaborate. But it’s not all good news. New threats, such as the “Man in the Cloud Attack” (MITC), underscore the difficulties in protecting data stored in the cloud. The problem is that very few companies are defending themselves against this new threat, and most do

Statistics That Support Mobile-Responsive Sites (Infographic)

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa on Internet Marketing

Statistics That Support Mobile-Responsive Sites (Infographic) from Shobha Ponnappa The eight statistics in this STATISTRACKING™ Series Infographic seem to unambiguously support the idea that the generation of “mobile first” users is here, doing the bulk of their buying online and preferring to spend time on sites that are highly responsive. Mobile-responsive sites are not jus

8 important tips to writing eminently scannable content!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa on Internet Marketing

With more and more research proof that people DO NOT read long blog posts, but instead just “scan” them with a speedy eye, it has become imperative for content writers and designers to understand what scannable content really is. It is not merely content that is written in a style of “less is more”. As […]The post 8 important tips to writing eminently scannable content! appeared first on

How a Web Designer Can Make a Profound Difference for Your Business!

Posted By donpurdum on Internet Marketing

Web designers can have a profound impact upon a business. After all, a website is the number one initial influencer of how a prospect views a business. In any business relationship, setting the right expectations is important to the success of both parties involved especially between a business and their web designer.

16 Blogging Lessons I wish I had known when I Started Blogging

Posted By uttoransen on Blogging

Blogging is fun. It is a way to connect and network with people and build a strong online presence.When someone consistently blogs over a period of time they build an audience, social media presence, email list, on-site followers, comments, social shares - in short, via. blogging a blogger builds...