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Murray Newlands Talks about Getting PR for Your Startup – Interesting for Bloggers Too!

ErikEmanuelli on → Blogging

One of the reasons why a significant number of startups fail is due to lack of press. Press helps startups gain exposure and create awareness. These startup companies fail to get journalists to write about them because they are always trying to explain what services and products they offer; this salesy way of reaching people […]
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How To Drive Traffic Online Using Facebook Ads!

Kytro360 on → Social Media

Facebook is one of the most powerful sources of traffic online. Using their ad platform you are able to generate traffic to your squeeze pages, sales pages, webinar pages, or any other page you’d like.

Once you learn the right formula for creating profitable Facebook ads you can get clicks for as little as a penny (sometimes even less).

You’re able to turn on the traffic pipeline and have a
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More ways to promote your blog posts

Amabaie on → Content Marketing

It is a measure of how vast are the opportunities to promote your blog posts, that with one breath I say, “Wow, Ivan, that’s a whole lot of promoting you are suggesting,” and with the next breath I say, “But don’t forget about this, and this, and this and that.”
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Who’s to Blame When Internet Marketing Doesn’t Generate Leads or Sales?

donpurdum on → Internet Marketing

Every business wants and needs a website, search engine and social media presence in order to generate new prospects and sales. Many businesses will pay good money to build an online presence with the expectation that a website, social media and a search engine like Google will bring lots of willing buyers to their business at a substantial profit. But most times that doesn’t happen.


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42 Bloggers You Want To Meet In 2015

Amabaie on → Blogging

Here are 42 great bloggers you want to meet in 2015. Great selection. This is a selection by Sylviane Nuccio, a well-known blogger on all things writing and some things France.
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Help! I Don't Understand Why My Content Marketing Isn't Getting Better Results?

donpurdum on → Content Marketing

Could it be that you're content marketing is struggling because of self-centered blog articles, videos and social media?

Or is there something more?

Beverly in Tampa Bay, Florida emailed and asked;

"I don't understand why my content marketing or my blog isn't getting better results. The experts say write blogs and post them to social media. I'm doing that but why isn't it working?"

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How to Write a Winning Research Pproposal

crom84 on → Business

Learn the ins and outs of writing a research proposal that is a winner! For starters, read the instructions and know your goal!
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5 easy steps to start an infographics business thru your blog

Mimuba on → Blogging

Do you think competition is brutally stiff in making money with Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Your Own Product, Product Review on your blog?
You are right. But you need not worry. I have developed this comprehensive tutorial to make you start infographics business through your blog and earn money online.
This business is relatively new and competition is also not very stiff in
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