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How to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

By Jane Sheeba / November 29, 2019

Making money through Pinterest is a genuine possibility; many people are now using Pinterest to grow their affiliate marketing business. Most people don’t know what affiliate marketing means, let us give you a fundamental break down of affiliate marketing and how it works. Affiliate marketing is a method for you to earn money by promoting […]

Social media trends in 2018: Live streaming dominates the social media landscape

By Jane Sheeba / September 24, 2018

When live videos came to the internet with an app called You Now, the feature became massively popular, and encouraged most of the social media platforms to integrate something like that. As a result, the era of 2015-2016 saw Twitter introducing Periscope, Facebook adding ‘Live’ features, and ‘YouTube Live’ coming into existence. By 2018, every other […]

10 Textbook Strategies for Social Media in Higher Education

By Jane Sheeba / May 2, 2018

From the usage of computers firmly restricted to college staff for humble accounting and data entering purposes to the influx of social media in every classroom, higher education strategies have made a full 360° turn regarding the ways social media is now the driving force for university students and professors alike. The way universities have […]

Boost Your Revenue in 2018 with Social Media Customer Care

By Jane Sheeba / December 18, 2017

The era of internet and smart technology has the entire world hurdling towards online business and social media marketing. With all the noise on the market, there are still some sure-fire ways to stand out from the crowd, and in 2018, social media customer care (SMCC) is one of them. Thanks to these facts from […]

Instagram’s 5 Most Popular (and Instagram facts to survive in 2017)

By Jane Sheeba / April 18, 2017

With over 600 million registered users and more than 300 million of them active every single day, Instagram is now the second most popular social network behind Facebook – and it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s company that just so happens to own the photo and video based platform anyway. Of course, we all know Instagram itself is […]