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How to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

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How to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Making money through Pinterest is a genuine possibility; many people are now using Pinterest to grow their affiliate marketing business.

Most people don’t know what affiliate marketing means, let us give you a fundamental break down of affiliate marketing and how it works.

Affiliate marketing is a method for you to earn money by promoting someone else’s product.

In most cases, you will earn a commission when someone purchases a product you’re promoting. 

You need to have a unique link embedded, which will allow the website to track sales.

In fact, many people are making millions of dollars with the help of affiliate marketing. Most people use traditional ways of promoting products such as YouTube, Facebook, or blogs.

However, this untapped way of making money can help you to create another income stream.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step on how you can make money with affiliate marketing using Pinterest.

Which affiliate website to use?

If you want to make sure that you get the best results possible from Pinterest affiliate marketing, then we recommend Amazon and Etsy.

These two websites have been known to work amazingly on Pinterest, and if you’re looking to sell something artistic or DIY, then we recommend you have a look at Etsy. 

What’s great about Etsy is that it works very well on Pinterest; in fact, there’s a whole unique section for Etsy on Pinterest.

If you don’t like promoting products that are artistic and DIY, then we recommend you use Amazon. As we know, Amazon has a vast collection of all products, which means that you will have no problem promoting any product in any specific niche.

To sign up for the affiliate program on each website, simply go on to the site and search affiliate.

You will be prompted onto the sign-up forum, once you are on the forum page, make sure you follow instructions and fill out the form.

Make sure you sign up for their affiliates program before you start promoting any product, you need to have a particular link which unique to you in order to make money. 

How to pick the right product?

Once you are done signing up for either of the websites, it will be now time to pick out the product.

Picking a product to promote isn’t that hard, you need to understand what sells in your niche.

Find out what people are actively looking for in your niche. For example, if you are in the beauty niche, then most of the time, they are looking for makeup. 

Make sure that you search up as many makeup products as possible, then pick out the best one and start promoting it.

The biggest mistake people make is that they overthink the product. If your product has good reviews, and it’s something people would like to buy, the product will sell, allowing you to earn an affiliate commission.

If the product has terrible reviews and has an awful description, then make sure that you don’t promote that product.

If you follow these guidelines, you should have no problem picking up the right product. 

How to make money?

Once you are done picking out the right product, it is now time to make money.

The first thing you need to do is to start creating pins on Pinterest, make sure that your affiliate pins are much larger than usual. 

This will allow you to stand out more than other pins on Pinterest, Also look for group boards on Pinterest.

What group boards are is a way for you to get more traffic, group boards are a communal board which allows multiple users to post their pin.

Using a group board will give your pin a much higher exposure. Always remember to follow and unfollow people every day; this will allow you to grow your Pinterest page, which will enable you to get more views. 

Making money from Pinterest is very easy if you’re consistent with posting. Make sure you post at least ten times a day; this will allow you to get traffic regularly.

Make sure that you pin other user’s pins onto your Pinterest account. The reason why that is necessary is that it will showcase that you are engaging with the community.

Post 80% of your content onto your board, and 20% of other people’s content.

This is the ratio many successful affiliate marketers follow and will show that you are engaging with people.

Provide value

Many people make the mistake of pinning products exclusively, this will lead you to make a lot less money.

Most users on Pinterest are looking for inspiration on a specific niche. Which means you need to give users fantastic information.

Besides promoting a particular product, you need to make sure to provide users with value.

For example, if you have an outdoors page, then add pins that show how to perform a specific task in the outdoors.

This will allow you to gain more followers, which will give you a better chance of making money.

Read Pinterest guidelines

Make sure to read Pinterest guidelines on affiliate marketing regularly, Pinterest is always changing their instructions on how users can promote products.

Keeping yourself updated on the guidelines will allow you to keep your account safe, which would give you an overall great experience.

Pinterest is a great website to start making affiliate commission; please respect the rules and regulations.

If you can manage to do that, then you will be making money for years to come.

Final verdict

Making money on Pinterest is very doable, especially when you’re promoting products using affiliate marketing.

If you follow the tips above, you should have no problem making money on Pinterest.

Make sure to pick out a niche you are well-versed in. This will allow you to be more successful with your affiliate marketing endeavors.

Always make sure to add more products on a regular basis, this will enable you to get more sales, as it will expand your horizons when it comes to promoting.

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