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Neru Movie Review | Mohanlal, Jeethu Joseph

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Neru Movie Review

A highly engaging courtroom investigation of the rape case of a blind girl. A few minutes into the beginning, we are clearly shown the crime, as well as who did it. There is no suspense regarding who did the crime. Despite that, the movie keeps us hooked through a mix of curiosity, thrill, and empathy from start to finish.

Jeetu Joseph has demonstrated his storytelling skill, and his ability to keep the audience hooked once again. The story is a pretty simple one. A simple family shattered by a crime – how that family reaches out to a lawyer who is not currently practising (because no other lawyer would take up the case), and how the courtroom proceedings lead to justice – all these are presented engagingly.

The detailing of the crime, the proceedings of the courtroom and how the defence and prosecution step up their game are presented interestingly (except on a couple of occasions where evidences are presented to the court in a cinematic manner – that too is justified accordingly).

Mohanlal and Priyamani aced in their performance – even though there is nothing much to emote, their dialogue delivery and body language are awesome. Anaswara plays the blind victim girl and she has done a commendable job.

The intricacies of law matters regarding the crime, and how lawyers and criminals can use them to dodge justice – though not surprising to know – fit in the screenplay and support the narration.

It is a big relief that the movie doesn’t have scenes depicting drama post crime, or being preachy against the crime – Jeethu Joseph gets out the statement in a rather diplomatic and strong manner.

The movie is available on HotStar. Tamil language is also available. Teens and pre-teens can watch the movie with parental guidance, avoiding the crime scenes.

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