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10 Signs That You Need to Seek Addiction Treatment

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10 Signs That You Need to Seek Addiction Treatment

Life can be tough sometimes – and for some of us, it only seems to get tougher.

At some point in life, you have probably made eye contact with someone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction.

It’s human nature to wonder how a person could give up on life like that. Well the truth is, it happens pretty often.

Surely no one decides as a child to be a user, but not everyone’s circumstances are as fortunate as others.

So, if you are suffering from a drug addiction or battling alcohol abuse, I want you to know that you are NOT alone.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. As a human, you reserve the right to walk your own path.

But understand that you may be the cause of your own demise.

No matter how many risky choices you have made in your life, it is NEVER too late to make a change.

You see, everyone has a past, but your past will never determine your future unless YOU allow it too.

There are many resources designed to assist those with a drug dependence.

But how do you know that you actually need help? Here are a few signs that it is time to seek addiction treatment.

1. You Feel That You Need Help

Pay attention to your needs. Do you actually enjoy being dependent on a substance to feel good, or is do you feel that there is no other way around it?

We often know when something isn’t right with us. If you feel that it is time to make a healthy change, honor that.

The way that you feel about yourself is what truly matters in the end. Don’t sell yourself short.

2. You Lie About Using

True enough, it is really no one’s business what you do in your personal life but lying about your actions says a lot about you.

To be frank, if you truly don’t care about the opinions of others, you would have to hide the truth. Covering up your addiction signifies guilt or shame.

If you can’t live your life in transparency, then maybe it’s time get the ball rolling in the opposite direction.

3. You Have Driven A Vehicle While Under the Influence

This one is a HUGE “no no”! The moment you get behind the wheel while under the influence, you put countless lives in danger.

This in turn makes your addiction a huge concern for EVERYONE around you. One bad turn can be the end of someone’s precious life.

4. You Have Lost Your Job as a Result

If your addiction has left you unemployed, it is time to make better decisions.

The last thing you want is to have to explain a tough situation like that on your next job interview.

5. You Can’t Control Your Actions

Having a lack of control over your actions is more than dangerous.

Many people experience extreme anger or uncontrollable outbursts while on drugs or drunk from alcohol.

Though you may not be trying to, you are likely having an out of body experience.

This is not an ideal situation to be in as you can cause some serious harm to yourself or others.

6. You Neglect Your Loved Ones or Other Activities

If you are avoiding your friends and family and skipping out on once cherished activities, it’s a clear sign that your addiction is taking over your life.

7. You Steal to Support A Habit

I hate to scare you, but theft is a serious crime punishable by jail or even prison.

If the fear of not being able to afford your next fix forces you to take from another, you need to seek help before you no longer have the freedom to do so.

8. Your Family Disowned You

Watching a loved one face an addiction is very hard to watch. You can only imagine the pain you are putting others through.

Clean yourself up to mend those ties with the ones you have disappointed the most. They only want what’s best for you.

8. You Have Been Arrested

Once you have a criminal record, it likely stays with you forever. It is tough to find employment with such a badge, and it’s even tougher to find employment!

Being arrested a few times for drugs or alcohol can lead to doing some pretty serious time in prison. Don’t let it get to this point.

9. You Harm Yourself

Addiction often leads to depression and mental illness. The internal pain can become so much, that causing yourself physical pain may be a way to cope.

This is NOT the answer. This only worsens the problem.

No matter how defeated you may feel, there is always hope.

10. You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms While Trying To Stop

Maybe you have tried to quit, but the withdrawal symptoms were unbearable.

These conditions undoubtedly suck but checking into a rehabilitation system and undergoing a detox program will help you through this stressful period.

No matter how long you have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, you can turn your life around. Just be brave enough to take that first step. Good luck!

Paige Taylor is a life coach from Orlando, Florida, specializing in addiction. She strives to help those who battle with substance use disorder, and she occasionally writes about recovery. 

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AP - July 24, 2018

Love yourself and treat yourself best. Life brings infinite possibilities, choose the hard one to get a good result. #challageyourself

Never think about the past as its distorted. To make yourself thought about bright future

Arvind Singh - November 12, 2023

Life is never easy for addicted people. With drug and alcohol addiction, substances hijack the brain’s reward system. This could lead to developing a physical dependence on substances. So it’s always better to seek help as soon as possible. Thanks for spreading awareness about addiction.

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