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Top Websites To Prepare and Pass The HESI A2 Exam

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Top Websites To Prepare and Pass The HESI A2 Exam

HESI, Health Education Systems Incorporated, is a US-based company that comes up with exams along with other materials to study.

The tests prepare the nurses who are the students for cleaqring the exam of professional license.

The schools mostly use this test for helping in the prediction of success of the students with other tests like NCLEX-RN and many more.

HESI is a kind of an Admission Assessment Exam, which often gives a baseline to the candidates for going through the entrance accepted by a number of nursing schools.

This is a computerized exam, which is administered in the same manner with a setting of four hours.

Examination structure

The Health Education Systems Incorporated is an exam that contains 10 tests within.

Out of the ten tests, two of them are based on learning styles and personality that remains uncounted at the time of calculating your final score.

However, it helps in determining the performance of the candidate during the program.

Also, the test of physics is only to be given by the students who have opted for radiography, and the rest would be eliminated from giving the same.

The candidates are also given the liberty to select the number of sub-tests they would like to go with from 10 given ones.

This has been much favorable for the students as they are able to pick up the subjects they are comfortable with and score in them which would be counted during the final scores.

This customization of the sub-tests has made this examination more popular among the nursing schools.

What is the type of questions that would be included?

The list of questions that would be included in the sub-tests are problems from math like subtraction, addition, fractions, multiplications, ratio and proportions, decimals, measurements, etc.

The exam doesn’t allow the students to use calculators however the basic calculator in the computer system can be used.

The scoring requirements depend on the school and hence it varies from one to another. Most of the schools’ demand for about 75% which includes the language of English as a section.

This section includes scoring areas like vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, and general knowledge.

Apart from all these, you can also be asked other questions that can be defining words, arriving at logical conclusions, getting the prime idea of the paragraph or passage, etc.

The vocabulary section and the general knowledge section is inclusive of multiple choice questions, that comes with a complete focus on the words and terms used in the medical, nursing, or say health care.

The parts of learning skills, personality traits, and decision making are included in the test, but the scores are not included.

They are yet important as they provide you with tips that would help in improving the study habits you have.

What is the importance of the HESI exam?

HESI is a test which helps in building skills like knowledge, positive attitude, etc. in the students regarding health.

The complete course and test by HESI teach and prepares the students for social, mental, physical, and emotional health.

The test works as a motivation program for the students and helps them in maintaining and improving their health, reducing the behavior risk and preventing any kind of disease.

They also get an opportunity to study and learn about the patients and the positive changes they turn up with during the treatment or tobacco, drugs, alcohol, injury prevention, mental health, physical activity, nutrition, sexuality, prevention from dangerous disease, family life, and much more. It helps in the promotion of healthy lifestyle along with other necessary subjects.

Secret tips for clearing the HESI exam:

Though the test is not that tough, there are still some secret ways that would help you in clearing it with higher scores. Let’s go through thesetips:

Detailed review of HESI

This is an important part that helps in clearing the exam.

Make sure you go through each and every corner of the HESI reviews section.

Go through the earlier asked questions, and the answers to it provided by the previous students.

Analyze the English language

Yes, merely thinking of the test and giving it is truly a wrong idea.

For clearing the exam with desired scores, it is important to go through the language and analyze it well.

Learn every basic skill and learning the language comes with.

Go through each chapter or portion step by step and analyze it well.

Have a guide for mathematics

No doubt, the questions undertaken by the test are quite basic, still, it is important to have a guide of Math while you study and prepare it.

Learn each problem with keen interest and know the tricks that would help you in quick calculation during the examination as you wouldn’t be allowed to use calculators for the same.

Biology exam

Before you finally appear for the paper of biology in the final sub-test, make sure you prepare for the subject well.

Give any prior test of biology as this will help you learn about the kind of questions they would ask you in the text.

Also, this will help you know your weak areas and help you in preparing for the same.

Chemistry breakdown

Just as you have to prepare well for biology, similarly, chemistry to is an important part of the sub-test.

Go with the tricks to remember the chemical equations that would help you in preparing properly.

Professional practice guide

This is yet another effective way of learning as you prepare for the sub-test.

Have a comprehensive professional guide for practicing the questions and answers for brief explanations.

This would also provide you with the type of paper style and question set that you need to prepare for the examination.


The test holds a vital role while looking for a career in nursing and healthcare.

Through detailed studies, logical principles,and concepts etc., one is sure to clear the examination with technical accessibility and accuracy.

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