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The Different Ways to Award Great Performers and Why It Is Important

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The Different Ways to Award Great Performers and Why It Is Important

When one does a great job, they expect to be recognized. The recognition of work allows individuals to feel as though they matter in their specific environment.

This holds true whether it be at work, at school, at sports, or in other institutions.

Recognition matters because it conveys a sense of belonging.

It shows the individual that they are seen and that their work does mean something to relevant parties.

It shows that they are wanted, needed, and appreciated for all that they do.

How Can Recognizing Someone Benefit You in Return?

When someone is recognized for their efforts, it, of course, reflects very well on their own personal bliss and self-confidence.

But that is where you as someone who’s recognizing them may ask, “What’s in it for me?” The answer is simple: A lot.

The feeling of recognition isn’t only beneficial to the recipient, but it is also just as advantageous to the one who is delivering it.

It has been noticed that recognizing someone’s performance results in them putting their best foot forward and outperforming any expectations that you had of them.

  • At home, they would go above and beyond to express their happiness and spread joy through their cheerful behavior
  • At work, they would be able to focus on goals with a drive to perform at their best. At school, you could find them working through books or study groups to demonstrate their motivation through their grades
  • At sports, you could see them go through great physical exertion to enhance their performance and achieve unprecedented feats

Those are just a few reasons why recognition is important.

Here are a few ways that you could recognize the top performers within your institution making them happy and benefiting your establishment at the same time.

Recognize Best Performers Through Awards

Recognition does not have to be financial in nature. It may just be something as simple as recognition awards, trophies, or plaques that they are able to take home and show their loved ones.

In fact, this method of recognition could psychologically hold even more importance to an employee, student or athlete than any monetary reward.

This is because it is a direct admission of their personal achievement. It is presented directly to them instead of being credited in a bank.

And most of all, it has their name on it.

This feeling of being recognized in a tangible, corporeal and straightforward manner goes a long way into instilling exemplary self-assurance into a person.

It then reflects into their work or grades effectively.

Appreciate Their Efforts as Directly a Channel as Possible

Apart from tangible awards, recognition seems to be most effective when it is delivered through a direct manager; not the CEO, not the boss’ boss, but someone’s own boss without any other authority in between.

It is because one’s reporting authority at the workplace, school or sports team is someone whom they are interacting with the most besides their peers.

It is someone who sees their work on a daily basis, and who knows the direct effects of their work for the organization.

Even a few words of encouragement and praise can make your employee, student or athlete feel like the efforts that they bring to the table each day actually translate to something.

This, in turn, can help you get the most out of their performance.

If they work in direct relation with customers, then it can improve your customer service.

If they have a big test coming up, then it would reflect on their grades.

And if they have a big sports competition coming up, they may outdo the other team easily.

Monetary Rewards

Monetary Rewards

This is one of the most common ways to show recognition. But since it involves ongoing expenses, institutions draw away from it whenever they can.

With that being said, it is often a great way to improve employee retention, engagement and overall happiness for companies.

On the other hand, for students and athletes, any monetary rewards or scholarships could help them drive their future plans.

This makes them work harder for their goals and achieve greater results.

But it should be kept in mind that money alone cannot help your employees stay with you or keep your subordinates motivated if your institution doesn’t have a well-managed recognition program in place.

That is why it is recommended that your organization puts a mix of recognition awards, consistent and direct praise from the higher-ups, and monetary rewards in place.

Also, keep in mind that the mode of recognition is perhaps just as important as the plaque, praise or monetary benefit itself.

By announcing the award or reward in public, you make the gesture to be twice as effective.

Ensure that even when you can’t hold a flashy ceremony, you at least roll out an email or a circular to let everyone within your institution know of the development.

This works towards enhancing the effects of the award or reward that is being handed out.

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