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Letting Him Go to Make Him Yours – Is It Effective?

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Letting him go

Are you having a hard time tying down your man? Well, let me tell you something funny: We all are!

Actually, I think it would be more accurate to say that most women are.

I often come across articles that talk about the differences between sexes and in most of them, it would be mentioned that men mature much later on in life than women.

This is especially true when it concerns emotional maturity. Oh, I really cannot agree more.

In one article from the Telegraph that you can read here, studies claim that men reach the peak of emotional maturity at the age of 43, exactly 11 years later than a woman.

More than a decade long of waiting for a man to finally come to his senses is no joke. No, actually, it’s just downright ridiculous.

It makes you think why a lot of women are attracted to much older men.

Tell you a story, my ex-boyfriend was three years older than me and he kind of still acted like I was his mommy.

Girls, this is not the kind of relationship you want. Or to say it more accurately, this is not the kind of relationship you deserve.

However, it’s not like we can give our hearts some tips on who to fall for. In fact, most of the time, we tend to fall head over heels with some pretty questionable people.

So questionable, in fact, that you even wonder how you got into that situation in the first place. Love truly is a mysterious force on earth.

Too bad it’s too strong, though. If it was something you could just pitter-patter away, I’m pretty sure a lot of people would give up their current partners.

But you know what people say “The heart wants what the heart wants.” Even if it’s stupid.

Like, falling for a guy who can’t bring himself to enter into a committed relationship with you.

Why Do Men Have Trouble Committing?

Men Have Trouble Committing

Let me rephrase that: Boys have trouble committing, men don’t. Unfortunately, for most women, we get to date boys like it or not.

It’s because it’s more common to date people who are in your age bracket. Dating someone your age has its perks and downsides.

One perk is that he has just about the same energy level as you and can practically join you in all your shenanigans and extravaganzas.

The downside is most men who fall under this “young and agile” category are often immature.

So immature that you might even hear them crying to mommy when you close your eyes and think real hard.

It’s a pain getting these younglings to commit.

But as I said a while ago, we don’t choose who we fall for. We can only manage what comes next.

So, if he doesn’t want to commit, you should be creative and find ways to compel him to do so. Seriously, an open relationship has bad news written all over it.

If you’re going to be investing yourself on someone, sleep with them perhaps, you should at least do it knowing that you’ve limited your chances of getting chlamydia.

But How Exactly Do You Do It?

Why not go old school? A woman of your standing can definitely pull-off this tactic I am about to suggest: Leave the boy alone.

Yes, sometimes, you leave life up to chance. Of course, making someone commit to you just because you’ve threatened them with a ‘goodbye’ is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea but most of the time, it works.

But when you do try this devious method, you may want to be prepared for it. Click here to get more tips:

There are two ways this can end, you see. One ending has you and your boyfriend officially dating because he can’t live with the idea of losing you and the whole goodbye act made him realize just how much he loves you.

Another ending is that he just walks away. He doesn’t want a commitment and I guess his love for you isn’t as undying and persevering as you thought it was.

You have to be ready for both endings. You can’t just fake leave and take it back as soon as you feel like he’s not going to come after you. You need to have strong resolve.

If you really think about it, a man who won’t fight for you doesn’t deserve you.

And I think that sends a pretty loud message.

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