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Jane Sheeba

I am Jane. I am a Kindle Author. I'm A YouTuber. I'm an author at Knit India Magazine. Don't forget to check out my other websites: Jane Sheeba and Banking Minutes.

DoSplash Top Publisher Interview: David Leonhardt

By Jane Sheeba

This week at the Member Interview series we have David Leonhardt. David is a very nice and humble guy. He is also a very long time friend of mine. He is very helpful and quite active on social media and blogging communities like DoSplash. Let’s hear what he has to say. Hey David, please introduce […]

Active Member Interview: Harleena Singh

By Jane Sheeba

As part of member interviews, today we have Harleena Singh and she is someone who needs no introduction. She is so active all over the web and her face is pretty familiar to bloggers. She is known for her thoughtful and insightful blog comments on various blog and she is a pretty good networker. I’ll […]

How to make the most out of blogging communities?

By Jane Sheeba

Blogging communities are a great boon to the blogging world. Communities are a place where like minded folks come together and kinda stay cool. Communication is one of the most important pluses while in a blogging community. Not just that you get to share your blog/work with the people in the community and get it […]

DoSplash Top Publisher Interview: Erik Emanuelli

By Jane Sheeba

I thought it would be great to introduce some of the top players of DoSplash to the community and the whole internet. So I have started this interview series which will feature the top publishers and top submitters of DoSplash. This week I have Erik who is one of the first few members who joined DoSplash […]

Theme change and a few bug fixes [April, 2014]

By Jane Sheeba

Regular visitors of DoSplash (like you) would have noticed that the site was terribly slow for the past few weeks. We have been trying to do everything we can to fix it, but in vain. We were using a premium Pligg template for which we paid. We did some customization on the design and added […]

Introducing Pro Plans For Automated Submission (And More)

By Jane Sheeba

I’m happy to announce the launch of Pro Plans at DoSplash. This has been one of the most requested feature since I launched the community. Since we were working on some of the backend aspects of the site to improve funtionality and performance, I was postponing the launch of Pro Plans until this New Year. […]

How To Upload An Avatar Correctly At DoSplash

By Jane Sheeba

DoSplash is a blogging community and the main purpose of this site is that you connect with as many people as you can; and at the same time promote your own content to as many eyeballs as possible. You probably would know already that avatar plays a great role in creating brand awareness and eases […]

Welcome To DoSplash

By Jane Sheeba

Hello everyone – I warmly welcome you to the DoSplash blog. This blog is a place where I will mainly post announcements, updates about the site, any clarifications about the service or the site and so on. I will also publish posts that are topical and useful to the audience here. Since this is a […]

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