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Basic Advice for A Leaking Roof Emergency Situation

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Basic Advice for A Leaking Roof Emergency Situation

No one would ever wish to be put in a situation of an emergency, let alone a leak in their roof.

The most precious item in all of your house, that keeps you safe from elements and harm, is this and when things don’t look so good for it, it’s time to get that fixed immediately.

When we check our homes for any inconsistencies, rarely do we include both the internal or exterior factors of our roofs and people often assume that because they are sturdy nothing much could happen to them, until it’s too late.

Doing a thorough inspection of your home, both on the inside, outside, top and bottom will save you a lot of bigger expenses in the future when things get worse. Here are some tips on how to do that inspection via this online source.

Make sure this is a regular occurrence and should be done at least twice a year, preferably after winter and harsh weather seasons.

Even if means you need to hire an expert to check your roof for you, it’s worth every penny. So, what to do when there is a leak in the covering? We look at some helpful information below.

Consequences of A Leak in The Roof

Three of the most common occurrences, especially in old houses, are cracking walls, lofty floorboards, and leaking walls. Regardless of the size of the leaks, they must be repaired and patched up as soon as possible.

In the case of an emergency, and your roof is leaking non-stop, some services can be called out on-site to help quickly fix it for you and bring it back to as good as new.

In many cases though, if left without being fixed, many unforeseeable things can happen, such as those mentioned here: and others such as:

  • Internal damage to the attic or the ceiling and walls
  • The structural integrity is compromised
  • Mold and internal mildew issues may arise
  • Health concern due to the mold
  • One can slip and fall if there is dampness on the floors
  • Fire hazard from the water damage

All of the above can cause unnecessary hassles not to mention unnecessary costs as well, which could have been avoided had you called the emergency repair services.

What to Do When You Spot A Leak

Below is some information on how to go about it if you think they may be a leak somewhere in and around the property interiors.

What to Do When You Spot A Leak

Locate the source of the leak. This should be the first step to take; look for any visible patches of dampness or water on the walls, floor, carpets, and ceiling. This is usually an indication of a leaking roof right below or above it. 

To find the source, look in and around the patches, and if it is internal inside the walls, you should call the emergency services who will have the right equipment and knowledge to gather the right info on the leaking roof that they need to tackle the situation accurately.

Minimizing the damage. The second step, once you have located the leak, is to try and minimize it while the services are on their way.

How to do this is to firstly, get rid of anything in the way that may be susceptible to water damage, like furniture, carpets, shelves or decoration, clothes, etc., and if it is in the attic make sure to remove everything stored up there.

Make sure any books or electronics are moved far away too. You can place a bucket or a pot underneath the leak to catch the water if it is dripping.

Use anything and everything you can to try and minimize it ruining anymore of your home even if it involves placing towels on it. Whatever works, and doesn’t spoil it further, should be done immediately.

Lastly, call the professionals the minute you see even the smallest damp spot anywhere in and around your home. It may not look big but you never know the extent of the harm that is on the inside of walls and roofs, which is not visible to the naked eye.

Always be careful not to touch it with your barehands as it may be weak and could collapse or start to chip away, leaving a gaping hole for the professionals to fix.

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