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Upgrade your sales – How creating a blog can boost your eCommerce traffic & sales?

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Upgrade your sales - How creating a blog can boost your eCommerce traffic & sales?

Let’s cut to the chase: By having a blog on your store, you can boost your eCommerce sale & traffic to the next level, often by up to 55%!!!

While it is extra work for eCommerce clients, blogging can reward you tenfold in better-attracting visitors to your website, getting them excited for your products; create nice engagement opportunities, and ultimately converting them to your customers. This is a low-cost investment that can indeed boost your sales through the roof.

Okay, now you may be wondering how creating & using a blog can boost your eCommerce traffic & sales? Or better yet, “how to do it?”

Well then, keep on reading to find that out;

 Creating a blog can boost your eCommerce traffic & sales – what types of retailers should blog?

Want a short answer? Literally anyone!

Whether you own a larger brand or are a small-time retailer, a business blog can help you reach a lot of new customers as well as engage older ones. It can help stay ahead of the competition and improve brand visibility. Yup, think of it as advertising. But instead of catchy rhymes, bright images & annoying pop-up, you are instead using valuable information to get your products across and capture the market all to yourself.

Fashion, health, food – no matter the industry, a well-produced blog that’s updated frequently can & will offer a steady flow of engaging content to your customers and deliver traffic to your eCommerce store.

And as you know, the more the site traffic, the more sales opportunities you’ll receive…

Top 5 Ways How Creating a blog can boost your eCommerce traffic & sales revealed!

 Indeed, there are a multitude of reasons why adding a blog to your eCommerce site is beneficial – 5 of which are explained below;

1) Blogging improves SEO

As an E-entrepreneur, blogging even when you only have a minimum audience will make sure that your site looks good in the eyes of SEO – here’s how.

Adding a blog to your site can drastically increase the amount of content your website features. The more content’s you have, the more your site will index – and the more potential clients will organically find their way to your website. To get the best results, you need to “infuse” the contents with the trending keywords.

Blogging builds SEO via;

  • Regularly creating new content that fuels your website’s relevancy and increases general interest
  • Improve your SEO by using more keyword-rich contents
  • Creating & advertising keyword heavy links to products in your online store or other crucial areas
  • Generating high-quality internal links and creating opportunities for “organic” inbound marketing.

This is great considering most retailers and digital marketers do not update their product descriptions frequently. Blogging gives way for you to consistently add fresh new content to your sites, baiting search engine crawlers.

2) Can help paint yourself as an expert (and build brand trust)

Through blogging, you can easily establish yourself as an expert in your niche, which in turn is a great way to gain the trust of potential customers. You don’t have to just write about your products/services – you can also blog on topics related to them. Embracing an effort to enhance the lives of your customers can and will do wonders for your branding, alongside giving you a massive jump in your SEO ratings.

So what can you blog about? As long as it is relatable to your products, anything goes; you can write about tips & tricks that you’re targeting customers are looking for, tutorials, guides, and the latest breaking news, and more… Not every blog needs to be a sales pitch. For branding, we’d recommend focusing more on adding value to your customers.  

3) Helps to cultivates a loyal community

A blog is not only a great channel to amplify your content and products; it can also act as a Hub for your customers to talk to one another and thus build a community. Featuring loyal buyers, promoting local programs, and engaging comments are great ways to build a better rapport with your customer base at large.

A feel of community makes users want to stick with a brand. This creates a “buyer base” that’s ever-growing & consistent, ensuring tons of traffic & sales.

In other words, a blog is an additional place in, which you can engage your clients. This also helps a lot to give you an idea of what your customers want & what their expectations are. By knowing/updating your products accordingly, you can enjoy a massive edge over your competitors and keep your fans happy at the same time.

4) Works as a free foundation for your marketing efforts

With every post you make on your blog, you are building an ongoing stream of quality traffic. While some may stay relevant for months, some others can stay relevant for years, driving traffic & commerce to your sites along the way. And the best part? To achieve all this, all it takes is just your time & creativity to create each post.

These blog posts can also act as a great source of shareable content for your social media marketing efforts. Besides link building, a viral post can naturally attract traffic to your websites. Though immediate results are not to be expected, it can help widen the reach & market your products to a far wider set of audiences.

Being retailers, you should focus on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. They’re the most Consumers – centric platforms, making them ideal for merchants.

5) Can work as a message board for your eCommerce site

Even if you have a solid email marketing solution to help make your announcements or has banner ads or pop-ups to help do the same, and optimized blog can still work as a top place to make announcements & update your customers about the latest happenings. Think about this as a message board but for your whole business,

You can use your blog to inform about, well anything. Info on new stocks & products, answers to the most often asked queries, business updates, seasonal promotions, deals… anything that’s new & exciting, you can use it to share here.

How creating a blog can boost your eCommerce traffic & sales (the conclusion)

Forget the naysayers, adding a blog to your eCommerce websites can increase your traffic exponentially. It will help build trust with your audience, grow your brand as a top authority in your niche, and boost conversions.

It’s very, very important to research your niche before starting work, building your first blog entry. Do some thorough keyword research, the questions of all your customers, and what all your competitors are doing. From there onwards, you’ll have a solid understanding and tons of solid ideas on what you need to feature on your blogs.

Sure, its extra work and success cannot be achieved overnight either. But with the benefits like the ones mentioned above, your new eCommerce blog will begin to pay off within just a very few months and ensure you great results.

Jenna Ronan – the full-time blogger and outreach marketer @ HiBlogging. Aiming at rendering valuable tips and resources to the real seekers, I keep upgrading myself and spread the knowledge.

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thanks for the article. I believe that seo is essential for a blog and to increase the sales of your online store

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I really want to thank you. In the blogging field where newbies like me are face a lot of pain to bringing traffic Your article shows a path from where we can approach. very helpful

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