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Curate content like a pro with these content curation tools

By Jane Sheeba / June 13, 2017

Content is the backbone of a blog. You need to create awesome content in a consistent manner if you are running a blog. And here comes content curation into picture – for two reasons: One, to cure the so called writers block. And second, to help you create easy content on the go. Let’s see […]

5 Most important healthy habits bloggers need to follow

By Jane Sheeba / May 30, 2017

Innovation can be demanding. When you’re on a roll with your ideas, there is just no stopping. But sometimes it is important to take a step back to move forward. That is what we’re going to talk about today. There are times when a pause becomes necessary. Procuring healthy habits is a very important factor […]

45 Top WordPress themes to choose for your blog

By Guest Blogger / May 2, 2017

The Internet has entirely changed the way we think about things, and there is barely any place where the internet has not put its mark. Ranging from gadgets that we use to ease our day to day life to getting our daily dose of information through news websites, there is hardly anything that in some […]

What is organic SEO and why should bloggers care?

By Jane Sheeba / March 21, 2017

Search engine optimization is something that most bloggers find scary. Especially given the frequent algorithm updates by the search engines, organic SEO has become an alien concept to most bloggers. The fact however is, the basics are always the same. And the frequent SEO algorithm updates by search engine giants like Google has only made […]

5 Blog traffic myths that could mislead you

By Jane Sheeba / March 7, 2017

Blog traffic is one thing that denotes how much appreciation a blog gets from the audience. Out of the hundreds of thousands of blogs available on the web, very few blogs get noticed and become popular and ultimately, will have a very huge following. How to measure the success of any blog? As everyone thinks of, […]

Make money blogging: 5 Things you need to pay attention to!

By Jane Sheeba / November 29, 2016

Blogging and making money are so well connected. For one, it is one of the most overrated topics in the blogosphere. If you are into blogging, the next thought that comes to your mind is about making money blogging. The popularity and notoriety of the keyword “make money blogging” proves that. Second, we often see […]

3 Simple things you can do to improve your blog right now!

By Jane Sheeba / September 17, 2016

Having a blog is a great thing for your business. A blog can help you in a lot of ways! For one, it acts as your major marketing tool. Your business can get in front of more and more eyeballs with your blog. And your blog can be a very helpful resource to your readers. […]

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