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Top 10 Websites That Help You Make Money Online

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Top 10 Websites That Helps You Make Money Online

The modern generation is heavily dependent on the internet in order to do virtually anything and everything. People mostly use the online internet services to do shopping nowadays.

Others, like students and those related with academics and research, use the online internet services for information as the internet is a he source of it.

Apart from these, people are always buying and selling shares in the share market and save more money by doing business online.

Banking too, has introduced online services and facilities which have proven to be a boon to the customers.

With the internet offering so many things, there are many websites that helps you to make money online, by the help of which you can truly turn tables and utilize the time spent online in a profitable manner.

The trend or craze of making money online is growing fast.

People are eager to grab this extremely easy opportunity to make their time spent on the internet worth every second of it.

Thus it is no wonder that so many online facilities have popped up, helping people to make money.

It is a great opportunity for students and those who are sitting jobless, to do something by which they can earn a considerable sum of money.

But among all the websites that helps you to make money online, not all are genuine.

All websites cannot be, even better, should not be trusted.

Many cheat sites are roaming free which promises a grand offer to attract people but in the end, turn out to be fake.

Here are the top 10 websites that are trustworthy and can be a source of genuine income.

#1: Toptal


Toptal is a leading American company that specializes in offering freelance software designers and software engineers to companies which look for freelance talented individuals.

Toptal is placed way up there in the food chain and is extremely well-reputed in offering the best freelance designers and engineers and is also very popular among the software companies.

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#2: Listverse


This is one very interesting website which one would love to work for.

As the name of the site suggests, this site has listings of all sorts, bizarre, sports, entertainment, science, society, lifestyle and many more. Lists feature Top 10 type content.

The site offers pay per write-up.

Anyone who can compile an interesting list which has a ton of information that the readers can learn about from the site, stands to get $100 per list.

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#3: Amazon Mturk

Amazon Mturk

This is another one among websites that helps you to make money online which is online jobs platform to make money easy online is Amazon Mturk.

Amazon Mturk is the task completing portal to earn an extra income by completing a simple 5 – 10 minutes tasks such visiting a website, complete the registration form, writing content for clients or script translate, conversion from microsoft products.

Sure you will take a high pay from clients, because all available clients are from USA based, so there is no doubt in high volume of pay for all your completed tasks.

The pay ranges from USD dollar as 0.5 USD to 5 USD.

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This is one site which provides micro jobs online and the name itself clearly explained thats all available jobs in this sites are micro jobs and start work on for a 1 minute task to get your payout.

Micro tasks such as commenting on a blog, short article writing,  signup forms, social media activities like liking, sharing, following. will pay you few cents for your work complete and final amount threshold to withdraw will be $9 direct to your Paypal account and you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

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#5: Shuttershock


Shuttershock is the ultimate destination for shutterbugs, the largest global company for a creative photographic technology.

It is the most energetic commercial center to keep the professional photos with license such as images, videos and music too.

Additionally it operates with the innovative tools for photographers to upload their pictures to make money through their creative process.

Good photographs here get sold for $28 per picture and are a quite easy and fast way to earn money while honing to one’s photography passion.

Other photosharing networks to get paid,



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fiverr is one of the best among all websites that help you to make money online simply by fiverr because this is one-stop destination for any talents.

One can choose their field of choice, referred to as ‘gigs’ and clients will be handed out accordingly.

The client of your gig gives a feedback which helps you in future. $5 per gig can be earned, from which $1 is taken as commission by

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clixsense is an another online presents for all web advertiser to win an additional cash every day and month to month.

Simply utilizing their paid-to-click plan of action and furthermore they giving a simple route to all individuals to win cash just from numerous sources.

Add up to clixsense had paid out to their individuals more than $26 million and continues developing.

You can likewise get paid for every referral from your partner sharing links.

This website is a Paid-to-Click type platform where one can earn $0.02 for clicking and viewing a 30s ad.

Premium users can also earn $0.50 by referring the site to others.

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KnowledgeNuts is an interesting information sharing website and also they looking for a content writer to fulfill their daily posting  job as much easier.

This site is similar to Listverse and is among top websites that help you to make money online by writing a much interest information for them.

For each article that gets published, the writer earns $10. Submit your KnowledgeNut at [email protected].

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#9: Google AdSense

Google Adsense is the most popular and it is free online money making online website for bloggers and website owner.

It’s a simple online ads tool by placing ads on your website and start earning money for your all visitors clicks.

If you have a blog and that blog enjoys heavy traffic, then it is time to turn it into money. By simply adding AdSense codes and placing ads, one can earn a considerable sum.

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#10: Elance


Elance, oDesk and upworks are converged as a single organization and this is world driving freelancing site for all business,  entrepreneur and consultants as well.

A huge number of business owners are posting jobs at Elance every year.

Furthermore, by doing tasks like web and mobile application development, SEO, social media marketing, content written work, graphic design, transformation and so forth, the specialists are acquiring more than $1 billion every year.

Elance influences it to simple, fast, and financially savvy to find, work with, and pay the best experts anywhere, any time.

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So next time you spend your free time surfing the internet, think about these websites that helps you to make money online and start monetizing your free time.

Kindly share your reaction about the above list of sites that encourages you to make money on web and also any others site giving much paid like the above sites, please share with us in the below comment box.

We will check and review your site and will include it in the list in our next refresh.

Karthik Linga is working as a Digital Marketing Specialist for past 7+ years and contributes as a part-time blogger from Coimbatore and by learning newer tactics from the experts everywhere. During his free time, he likes to share some of the mind techniques that help sharpen mental processing and arithmetic calculations.

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