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2 Basic tips to effectively engage in blogging communities

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2 Basic tips to effectively engage in blogging communities

Let’s be honest here. We go to social media and blogging communities so we can promote (push) our content – to make our content visible to more and more eyeballs, right?

Well I am not generalising! But if you are having a blog or a website and if you are looking to create a new account in a blogging community, then you ultimately want to promote your own posts.

Now that is totally fine. There’s nothing wrong about it. Of course every one of us want to get our content in front of more eyeballs.

But do you really want your content to be appreciated by people? Or just get your content in front of their eyeballs?

The latter won’t work very effectively for you in this age of information overload. No matter how hard you work to create your awesome content, people can still find the same information or even better in some other place.

You have an overwhelming number of websites that cover the same topic as yours. So what should you do instead of trying to get your content in front of their eyeballs?

What should you do to make them notice your content and appreciate it? Here are two simple things that you need to be doing.

Create great content

I know, you are rolling your eyes right now. I know you have heard this “magical tip” a LOT of times. But have you put that to practice? If not, you cannot even survive!

Is that too harsh? May be. But that is the truth. You cannot survive in the sea of information if you are creating mediocre, me too content.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Create epic content before you think about promoting it in communities” quote=”Create epic content before you think about promoting it in communities”]

You have to create extraordinary content. Now, don’t mistake or misunderstand “epic” content to content that is 3000 or 7000 words. Of course people do create such long, yet epic content.

But merely publishing a blog post with 7000 words by filling it with “words” is not the way to go about.

You can write extraordinary, epic content even with 1000 words. The number of words really doesn’t matter here. It is the “meat of the content” that matters.

As long as your message is strong enough to create an impact, you can be proud that you are creating epic content.

If you can create a practical tutorial to teach people how to do something, with screenshots and stuff, you are already a hero among people who struggle to do that thing.

It is about usefulness. It is about creating an impact. It is about changing life. It is about helping people.

That’s the basis of creating epic content. Got it?

So before you think about sharing your content in social media or in blogging communities like DoSplash, you have to first make sure your content is practically useful to your readers.

If not, you cannot expect others to appreciate it (even if you religiously keep sharing your stuff all the time).

Engage, engage, engage

How can you expect others to “react” to your content or updates if you don’t react to any other’s updates or submissions?

If you are someone who prefers to sit in the corner of a couch and just observe others partying, you cannot expect all the others to know about you when the party is over.

You have to get up from the couch, join some people with their dancing, drink with some people, chat with some people and so on.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”If you don’t engage with others don’t expect others to engage with you” quote=”If you don’t engage with others don’t expect others to engage with you”]

You have to socialize (remember, humans are social animals). Otherwise it would have been better if you had not attended the party in the first place.

The story is the same with social media and blogging communities. You have to interact with the others and engage with them. How can you do that?

Here at DoSplash you can do the following stuff:

1. Submit others’ content. Are you the one who prefers to submit only content from your own site? If so you should be considering submitting others stuff too. In fact I prefer to share 30% of my own content and 70% of others content. You would come across lots of interesting content in a week. Why not submit them to DoSplash, tweet those content out and share them on Facebook or Google+?

You don’t have to share those content in all social media/communities. Just share those content where you are most active!

2. Comment on others’ updates. You don’t want it to be a silent place right? There should be some kind of interaction! You want people to comment on your blog posts. You want people to talk about your content – be it good or bad stuff. But you want some sort of noise, rather than hearing crickets.

So you have to initiate interaction in the first place. Comment on other people’s submissions, truly appreciate them and don’t hesitate to share your honest opinion. This way you can encourage others to comment on your stuff too.

3. Mention others in social media: This is a tiny little tip that makes a lot of difference. When you share others’ content and/or comment on others’ stuff, make it a point to mention them or tag them – this is to notify the others that you have shared their stuff or have talked about them.

This way they will be able to reciprocate too.

These are just 3 simple ways in which you can engage. There are a lot of other ways to do it. The sky is the limit!

Do you want to effectively engage in blogging communities?

… Or do you just want to create accounts, just come by and submit your own content and leave? You can always do the latter, but you cannot expect people to notice your content.

So give before you expect to receive.

Engagement is the key to building genuine relationships and that is how you can build a loyal audience (and get your content out before many, many eyeballs).

Are you ready to engage? Start by submitting someone else’s useful content here at DoSplash.

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About the author

Jane Sheeba

I am Jane. I am a Kindle Author. I'm A YouTuber. I'm an author at Knit India Magazine. Don't forget to check out my other websites: Jane Sheeba and Banking Minutes.

Sherman Smith - June 24, 2015

Hey Jane

I was actually about to write a post on a similar topic on engagement. But this post gives me some great ideas.

Engagement is key to building relationships and a good amount of traffic. When I started blogging I started commenting and sharing other blog posts which helped a lot with generating traffic. The one problem I had was not replying to my own comments which I started to see my traffic decrease.

Also I started to mention each blogger who’s blog I visited, commented and shared. It has helped to get people to notice and know me. It reminds me of the analogy about being at parties that you used. You definitely have to get up and get to know people even if it’s a couple of people at a time. By doing this you will reap the rewards.

Thanks Jane for sharing! Have a great day!

    Jane Sheeba - July 8, 2015

    Hey Sherman,

    Glad that we think about the same topic at the same time 🙂

    In fact, I too lag on responding to my own blog comments – that’s due to lack of time. But I never give up lol – I take my time to respond to comments on my own blog – but I do make sure that I respond – just like this one 🙂

    Yes I also do share the posts that appeal to me and those posts that I comment on. So I naturally get a lot of shares in return 🙂 A sweet by product I must say!

    Thanks for stopping by Sherman. Have an awesome week!


Donald McLeman - June 25, 2015

Hi, Jane, this is my first time on DoSplash, I really had no idea it was like this.

First of all, what a great post. The analogy of sitting out at a party is perfect, that’s something that everyone understands. And at some time or other we understand that we’re the ones responsible for being left out.

Engagement is the thing that transforms your life as a blogger. It’s great when you get a reaction and it’s great just to join in.

I’ve had a quick look around but I’ll spend some more time looking at what sort of posts you have here. It looks like a really great resource for people sharing and looking for things to share 🙂

Andrew M. Warner - July 10, 2015

Hey Jane,

Really great stuff here Engagement is the key to everything and without it, you’ll be lose. It’s no surprise all those who made it as bloggers preach engagement so much .. because it works Sure, it’s time-consuming but you have to make sacrifices and do things that are important to getting you to where you want to be.

Great stuff

– Andrew

karimnagar - May 25, 2016

I really suprise DoSplash, a community based social site that helps bloggers promote and connect.
It looks like a really great resource for people sharing and looking for things to share .

Samuel Roy - April 10, 2017

These tips more important and effective tips for effectively engage in blogging communities.

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